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Regaining control of my mainframe

My running is looking good. I can’t believe that some days I wake up and actually think that I am too tired, too exhausted, too whatever the excuse is, not to run. I should never ever let my brain talk me into not running. Got to run, got to regain control of my mainframe!

This weekend is Whitehorse weekend: what it means you ask: I am flying to Whitehorse on Saturday, a day to get there, a day to get back and a day to spend out in the wilderness, running, enjoying the weather and most importantly discovering the great North I have this odd fascination with Canada’s North and I very interested in getting it out of my blood! Let’s see what I find up North! Will keep you posted. Of course at this time of year some friends are running the Yukon Arctic and I can continue dreaming about a cold race! It will eventually happen.